Nasim Aghili (artist, director, writer) and Björn Karlsson (artist and horticulturist) is an artist duo working in the field of performing and visual arts. aghili/karlsson’s performances, theatre installations, art in the public space and collobarative works often deal with the experience of existing and living in different forms of exile and how power reproduces ungrievability. Their works often take form of healing rituals and the collaborative making of grievability. The last few years they have been involved in international projects that explore radical gardening, civil disobedience and the aesthetics of sisterhood – mainly  with artists, activists and collectives whose work involves various forms of decolonising practices.

Nasim Aghili’s plays have been translated to different languages such as English, Spanish and Arabic and our work have been performed or presented in countries such as Puerto Rico, England, Mexico, US, Holland, Estonia, Belgium, Norway and Sápmi.

aghili/karlsson are based in Stockholm and the rural area outside of Södertälje where they also have their garden and studio.